Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wordpress Comment Extra Fields Plugin

I made the first version of a plugin I will continue to develop for the next weeks. How to use it/features list:
  • install the plugin (copy it to wp-content/plugins);
  • activate it
  • go to Settings. The plugin adds a new option under that menu: Comment Extra Fields
  • in Comment Extra Fields page you can see the extra fields already defined (and edit / delete each of them) or define new extra fields to be added to your comment form
  • all fields are mandatory (even not all tested for that)
  • the types of fields one can define on admin are:
    • text field
    • textarea
    • checkboxes: field to define the values to display on front comment form
    • radio buttons: field for values
    • drop down: field for values
    • file: the upload on front is made using swfupload for jquery
    • (database) db select: fill in the name of a table (with or without the wordpress prefix) and 2 column names for id and values and on front the drop down will be populated with the database values
  • mouse over the labels and, if there are any, tooltips with hints will be shown
  • on front the plugin comes with a .css using twentyeleven form style
More features to come:
  • allow extra fields to be required
  • add date extra field type
  • allow extra fields to be shown on logged in user or not logged in user
  • add option to remove the default comment fields: author, url and email
  • on admin side allow user to define the HTML code for more flexible DOM display
The first version can be found at this link.

Edit accepted my plugin, just added it to their SVN (heh:D). I will post link here asap it is available (where's the wittle happy monkey? where's the wittle happy monkey? a-gu-gu-gu to me!).

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