Saturday, October 1, 2011

facebook rage again

uu-uuu-huuuu - not another friend request!!!!
i logged in this morning to facebook to reply a comment on one of my posts and i ended up in browsing through pictures of some people i don't know about for years hit me! facebook exploits our "voyeuristic" inclinations in quite a sick and ugly manner. i am sick of seeing people with 300+ friends. i mean, com' on, do you really give a sh*t for all of them? do u actually read all their posts? do u want to know everything they have to say? do you really have to know all that stuff? my head hurts. i will take another pill in 30 mins, until then i am grumpy as i can be...

i went to my friends list (i still have problems in finding that in fb). they changed the options display. one more reason for my headache to go nuts. now they don't say "remove friend"...what is that? remove friend is equivalent to "kill friend"? remove/delete/shift+delete/fuck off! now they call it: "unfriend". UNFRIEND!!!????? i felt sorry for myself seeing i had over 60 friends....since when???!! i deleted more than half of them! proudly!  deleted all my test users (yeah...i had around 5 of them...shame on me), all the people i really don't care about and all people i am sure i will remember their names if i really need to find them on fb in the future...kept some i really care about and some i thought would not be really polite to delete them right now (like my know...i will delete them as soon as i change my job:)))))...not really...some of them are really ok:D). but i would definitely delete the company test account. it still has in "his" albums photos with jb...bleah!)

it's really hard to keep a proper level of sincerity with myself these days. so many delusional traps. these morning, replying to the post comment, felt like i was doing something wrong. when the headache first hit i went back and deleted my last comment:)))) oooops! i don't try to blame the headache for my behaviour. perhaps just the determination.

i suppose i will go out tonight, so i will avoid going back there and delete all my friends:). i don't go out just not to delete all my fb  friends...or....?

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